About us

Who are we?

Studio Six is a group of postgraduates from the University of Suffolk. At University we worked on a wide range of group projects, game jams, and solo projects, this allowed each of our team members to find out what we’re best at and hone those skills. Our team consists of Charlie Crewe, team leader, and programmer, Ryan Manthorp, the second programmer, Michael Curtis one of the 3D modelers, and designer, Ochuko Ideh, our artist, and finally, Alex Polley, our other 3D Modeler, and designer.

Our Game

Aurora is a single player mobile game for tablet that allows the player to explore their creativity within a dream world. Aurora originates from colouring by number books and is an exploration into gamifying the feeling people get from completing them.

Players are introduced to an injured character who needs their help in bringing colour and life back to their dying world. Players have the freedom to choose which colours to use. Once they have helped the character bring life back to the world, the player and the character will become companions and journey to other worlds to help others.